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Two collie dogs sit side by side, smiling with their tongues out.

Animals and Pets

I'm honored to have so many requests for pet portraits.  Either to commemorate a recently passed friend or to celebrate a current buddy. They always bring so much joy and character.

A young girl reaches for the face of a young woman.  In the background is swirling patterns of aqua color.

Private Portraits

I've captured family portraits, birthday celebrations, and even created a few life-sized portraits. Painting humans always presents me with the most challenges, but when finally completed are some of the most rewarding.

A forested mountain landscape overlooking the sea.  There are green islands in the distance.


As artists, we are tasked with documenting the world around us as we perceive it.  From mountain hikes to city rooftops, and wandering forest glades, these are the places where I've spent my life.

A blue fish with eyes wide, blank and mouth agape sits astride a delicately patterned yellow seahorse.  The seahorse wears a riding bridle and has the same googly eyes as the fish.  The sun's rays burst through the sea down upon them.

Abstract and Beyond

Including collaboration pieces with my brother and paintings of dreams, these are a few of my favorite things.

A photo of a watercolor painting in a notebook.  In the painting is a beach inlet.  There are grassy dunes to the left and blue mountains off in the distance.  The sky is a hazy blue gray.


Typically I use watercolor as an on-the-go painting method.  If we're out and about, a small case of paints and a notebook is much simpler than a full acrylic setup.  Thus, these are mostly small studies.

A golden pocket watch hangs from a black hole in a blue sky over another black hole in the ground in a desert landscape.  Purple and red mountains show in the distance.


A sampling of book covers developed with the author for short stories and poem collections.

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