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A pencil drawing of a female figure with a mole-like protrusions from her nose and crab feelers in place of her mouth along with antennaes.  Her arm socket is held in place with a clawed hand.


A small sample of some of the weirder dreams my brain has come up with.

A pencil sketch of two chicks staring at each other.

Daily Sketches

Quick dives in pencil.

A pencil sketch of a female figure laying on the ground, legs folded over and looking at the sky. She may be asleep or dead.  Three figures stand or float behind her wearing masks with large blank eyes and a solemn expression.

Project Sketches

The first layer of work that goes into a painting.  Whether used for a final sketch, or to better flesh out ideas.

Work in Progress

A color photograph of two arisarum vulgare plants.  They are long single almost transluscent white tubular flowers with green stripes.  From the hooded shape at the top of the flower is a tongue-like proboscus.

Arisarum Vulgare

These beauties are found all over the area of Turkiye where we live, and have captivated my imagination.  Yet to be completed, I hope to do a full botanical series complimenting the human figure.

A painting of a double layered Turkish-style teapot with red handles.  The metal pot shows a colorful reflection and two tea cups sit next to the pot.  One cup is full and one is almost empty.  In the middle of the pot is a split chasm of color swirling as if liquid.


A triptych series exploring duality in everyday scenes.

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